To say we cover them all is probably a bold statement. However, we can proudly report that to date we were always able to find a skilled translator for any language combination that our customers needed.

Just knowing the language is not enough

We feel that superior skills in the source language and native command of the target language are just two of the must haves we expect from our linguists. And, not only do we demand native skills in the respective target language – we also feel it’s important that translators should live in an environment where this native language is spoken as a part of their daily life.

We need to understand what we translate

Having a thorough command of the subject matter is one of the most important aspects of translation.
To deliver a high quality, mature translation it is critical to fully understand the material to be translated. It’s also important to ask questions in case of ambiguities or if certain aspects of a text are not fully clear.

We encourage our translators to take an active role in designing and improving our customers’ communication.

Our customers are used to getting asked many questions from us – and on more than just one occasion these questions served as a welcome feedback that helped them streamline their own text, or even correct mistakes.