We handle many things

Our services include – among other things – translation, interpreting, localization, creative writing, content management, typesetting, subtitling etc.

We cover a wide range of fields, such as technical manuals, legal documents, corporate communication, tenders, press releases, spec sheets, catalogues, marketing literature and others.

We’re in it for the long haul

We aim for long-term relationships and pride ourselves in the fact that we already enter into the second decade of providing services with many of our customers. The same, by the way, holds true for our partnerships around the globe. Many of our translators, interpreters and other business partners have been with us for a long time, ensuring continuity, consistency and quality, while having developed a thorough understanding for our customers’ business needs.

Human skills and state-of-the-art technology

While we employ latest industry technology we consider highly developed human skills, trust and long-term relationships the foundations of our customers’ success.

Corporate Citizenship

We try to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing the need for travel, using latest communication technology, such as video conferencing instead.

We frequently provide pro bono work for local charity organizations and clubs ...oh, and we also support the local soccer youth.

The team

Stefan Budrich

Stefan started tsglobal in 2001 following a successful career as a military aviator. A hard worker and supportive leader he enjoys growing the business and exploring new opportunities. What he finds very inspiring in people is curiosity and a willingness to learn.

Miguel Cisneros

Miguel joined tsglobal in 2013 as a project manager. The native “Paulista” quickly developed skills that far exceed the scope a PM usually handles: versatile and always curious when it comes to doing things differently he now also oversees multilingual typesetting work and runs tsglobal’s subtitling department.

Gaby Fischbach

Gaby joined tsglobal in mid 2016 from a major port technology/material handling customer. Her motto: “I’m all about flow. I like things to run smoothly. Most of all, I like helping businesses and teams excel by creating processes and environments that work.”

She believes that people excel in supportive environments that help them maximize their efficiency.

As a project manager she focuses on helping clients establish workflows and procedures so that projects are executed on time, on budget, and at superior quality.

Antje Matthäus

Antje and tsglobal go back more than a decade. She joined what was in those days a very small team of tsglobal freelance translators after an inhouse position with one of the world’s most prestigious consultant firms. With her outstanding work attitude and her commitment she has become a role model, and her advice is much sought after by PMs and many translators alike.

Gabriela Alberti

Gabriella joined tsglobal in June 2018. A born enthusiast and a true curious, she managed to well integrate herself within the team, bringing her insight as freelance translator and the project management skills acquired through past experiences.

An excellent communicator, she enjoys weaving solid and trustworthy relationships with customers and linguists alike.